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Hello guys!! Still looking for members!! Will give 9,000~11,000 yen in cash! Having a international exchange in Okinawa on January 30th!! Looking for people to host! Have conversations with Japanese students, play and take them places. Help them practice their English and learn about American Culture. Anyone interested or you know someone who will be interested let me know! You can also bring your kids along too!! Culture Teaching Program: International Culture Exchange with teens mostly from mainland Japan. Give them American Culture experiences, English conversation and do fun activity with them (whatever up to members), and also students will let you know their home town cultures, traditions and many more. A member takes 3~4 students in each program, need own car and usually takes 7 hours (9:00~16:00). It should be a great experience and a great memory for both students and program host members!! If you are interested in to join the program, or if you know someone who look like interested in, and please let them to give us a message by Facebook, Email: or call 098-878-7386. (There is some compensation) OR by application form We are scheduling more and more programs after the Dec. program too (Mar. 5th, Apr. 21), so if you can not take part in this time, just contact us and give your information, and will let you know schedules on a regular basis. Thank you for your cooperation and have a good day! Friends Abroad 098-878-7386 Posted in: Jobs. 3 people are following this item., less than 1 mile from you.

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